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For All Women
For All Women
Natural Ingredients
Natural Ingredients
Califina Guarantee
Califina Guarantee

What Makes Fabfast Special

Fabfast makes IF easier.

People from all walks of life are using intermittent fasting (IF) to help manage their weight, cleanse, detox and feel healthy, year-round. Plant-based Fabfast makes it easier. No more guesswork needed.

The perfect pre-fast shake.

With its perfectly balanced nutritional profile of 15/15/15 (grams of protein, fat and carbs), Fabfast contains just the right amount of calories and macronutrients to help keep hunger at bay and preserve lean muscle during your fast.

Lose weight, cleanse and detox.

MCTs to enhance fat burning and appetite control, organic, raw cacao beans for feel-good, caffeine-free energy, and vegan digestive enzymes amplify the cleansing and detox benefits of your fast.

What People Are Saying

I had been struggling with cravings during my fast and I found this to be the perfect solution... feel lighter and am pleased to have incorporated this into my morning routine.
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The best tasting, yet extremely healthy shake that is completely satisfying, fulfilling and delicious!... real simple to follow. I’m down 11lbs in 3 weeks! A must for everyone!
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I've had plenty of protein shakes, but none that were created for intermittent fasting... The flavor is good and it mixes easily in a shaker. I highly recommend this product.
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Why Choose Us

Califina creates products that help women perform better in their daily lives. Whether you’re pushing past your goals at the gym, running around with your kids or crushing a presentation at work, Califina has the scientifically proven formulas to help you feel better, look better and focus on achieving your goals.

Everything we create must live up to our values. That means we only include the highest-quality, scientifically tested, safest, eco-friendly ingredients. It means we seek to create products for all women, no matter their age, lifestyle or background. And, it means we put our customers and the environment above our bottom line.


Our Guarantee

We stand behind each of our products. If you aren’t getting the results you seek, reach out to us-we’re here to help you. If you aren’t satisfied at any time, we’ll refund your purchase. No questions. No hassles.

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