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Califina creates products to help all women perform better in their daily lives. Whether you’re pushing yourself at the gym, running around with (or after) your kids or preparing to crush that presentation at work, Califina provides scientifically-proven formulas to help you feel better, look better, and achieve your goals faster & easier.

Our Values


We never use proprietary blends—we’re proud to tell the world exactly what’s in our products and why, because we only use the safest, highest quality ingredients backed by science.


Made for all women

Whatever your starting point or lifestyle, Califina makes products designed to help create a fitter and healthier body, a more focused mind, and a happier life.

Social Good

When consumers purchase our products, they can feel good that they are supporting a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Social Good
Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable Lifestyle

We’re not a quick-fix, we create products that motivate you to sustain a healthy lifestyle for the long term.

Made in the USA

Califina stands for California’s Finest. So it’s natural that we're designed, formulated, and tested in California - where health and fitness are a way of life. All our products are independently third-party tested in the USA, and made exclusively at American facilities that are both FDA and cGMP verified.

Made in USA
Results without sacrifice

Results without sacrifice

We provide products that give our customers the results they want, without harmful side effects.

Made with care.

We formulate our supplements with care using natural, scientifically tested, patented and eco-friendly ingredients.

Gluten Free

Vegan, natural

Natural Ingredients


Dairy Free

Soy and Dairy Free

The Califina Guarantee

Our guarantee doesn’t have a deadline. If you aren’t satisfied at any time, we’ll refund your purchase. No questions. No hassles. Just help and understanding.