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With certified organic leafy greens, Nourish is a convenient meal replacement shake that helps you cleanse, reset and revitalize and leaves you feeling satisfied and energized.

😋 Natural Vanilla Butterscotch flavor - 30 servings

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Vegan, natural
100% Vegan
Gluten Free


Detox and repair
Promotes Gentle Detoxification

Cleanse, reset and refresh with a simple meal replacement that is easy to add to any daily routine.

Provides Natural Energy

Plant-based super greens supply energy without the jitters from caffeine or artificial stimulants.

Leafy greens
Supplies Nutritious, Organic Greens

Each scoop contains two servings of USDA-certified organic leafy greens for a clean source of nutrients.

This is my second week and day 4 fasting with these shakes and can just say I'm loving the taste and I'm also feeling so good!

Cody, Verified Customer


mct oil
Vegan MCTs

Enhance fat burning and appetite control

Organic Raw Cacao Bean

Contains heart-healthy flavonoids and provides caffeine-free energy

Leafy Greens
Organic Leafy Greens

A source of potent antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals and amino acids

plant-based protein
Organic Plant Protein Blend

Supports lean muscle and curbs hunger

Ancient Grains
Organic and Ancient Grains

Supports digestive health and heart health

gentle herbs
Vegan Cleansing Blend

Gentle herbs such as sea buckthorn and nettle support healthy detoxification

B vitamins
B Vitamins

Help the body convert food into energy so you can perform

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply replace one higher-calorie meal with a Nourish nutritional shake during any meal.

Yes! Using Nourish with your fasting program will help you mobilize and burn off more body fat, enhance the cleansing effects and provide countless other benefits.

Nourish fits into any healthy nutrition plan. Combined with exercise and diet, Nourish can help you reach your goals.

Yes. Nourish can be used before or after a workout.

Yes. Nourish and other Califina products work together to support your health goals. All Califina products are designed to help you maximize your results.

In general, we recommend eating a clean diet most of the time, with occasional (e.g., once a week) indulgences such as a nice dinner out, pizza, or the like. We also recommend practicing IF regularly.

By “eating clean,” we mean avoiding processed and fast foods and anything that is high in sugar or fat.